CAC Anthology #001

  • CAC Anthology #001

Mundane surrealism in 13 comics: Ordinary subject matter that is usually regarded as everyday or forgettable - brought to life with fantastic imagery and storytelling.

The Comix Accountability Club (CAC) brings to you their first annual anthology, featuring 14 independent comics creators from all over the US. This anthology features 13 stories covering possessive vending machines and cell phones, aliens, sentient sandwiches, intense uber rides and more ...

This was a limited run only available through pre-order, but some copies can still be acquired from contributors.

Fully funded on Crowdfundr with 44 contributors and $1,886 raised. Published in March, 2023, 8.5" x 11", glossy cover, 64 pages. Edited by myself and Kathy DeLoria.