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2/8/24 - Converged my website and webstore into one awesome site.
2/1/24 - Added Cart Zine #2, schedule and updated comics page for fests!
8/1/23 - CART ZINE launched!!!
9/24/23 - added Xomik/Comix video game anthology, riso prints
5/25/23 - P*NK LAB GRL! drops this Friday 5/26 on my webstore!!
4/9/23 - added Comic Jam book!
3/16/23 - added Prints page.
2/15/23 - Congrats to those who found the secret code :)
1/30/23 - New website!


Hello there. I'm Shannon! I make fuzzy, sharp, and whimsical comics, including my risograph comics subscription CART ZINE! I'm currently working on my sci-fi lite graphic novel, PUNK LAB GIRL. I'm also the co-founder of the Comix Accountability Club. Thanks for visiting!

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CART #1: GET FIRED! | CART #2: GET FLASHED! Cover | Inside

P*NK LAB GRL! (Punk Lab Girl)

Example Page 1 | Example Page 2 | Cover

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Comix/Xomik Video Game Anthology
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April 2023

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CAC Anthology #001
March 2023

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October 2022

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Kid Internet
October 2021

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